This animation is a result of some tests and experiments I conducted in an attempt to settle on a consistent animation walk cycle for LEGO figures.

I found this pattern to be a good cross between ease of animation and the style/look of animation.
To me this style felt very "LEGO" - As in it looks like how a LEGO guy might move.

This walk cycle only contains 6 posses before it totally repeats... which makes animation faster. After much experiment I felt that six positions was really the minimum number of frames required to create smooth movement.

Another great benefit of this walk cycle is the fact that the LEGO guy is always secured or "tied down" to the set as his foot is always connected to the LEGO baseplate.

Lego Walk Cycle

Click the picture above to save to your computer or feel free to print it out for your reference.

Similar to the tempo in music this animation "walk-cycle" follows a rhythm of 1 - 2 - 3, and then repeats.
In this particular example it takes 6 full frames to complete the entire pattern with both legs. Notice how frame 7 is identical to frame 1.